New study makes the case for biological detergents

Amid growing concern, industries the world over are looking for ways to make their products
“greener” – without compromising performance, of course. And this is especially true for laundry products, where there is increasing pressure to develop detergents that are gentler to the environment and to end-users.

Surfactants, a critical detergent component, are one such area where we saw potential for improvement. That’s why we conducted a study to show how enzymatic technology could functionally replace the surfactants found in detergents - both liquid and powder.

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How much CO2 could you be saving?

Nearly all industries today are under pressure to make their products more environmentally friendly. And in the laundry industry, that challenge is two-fold: Not only does the detergent need to be “greener,” it needs to maintain the performance that consumers expect.

Consumer trends impacting the industry

More and more green cleaning products are being launched every year. At the same time there is an overall skepticism towards these green products when it comes to performance. So, which drivers are pushing the industry to go into this green direction?

New consumer habits call for rethinking detergents

With shocking speed, the COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we interact, the way we work, the way we purchase, and, for some, the way we clean and do our laundry.