BioSec® optimizes sludge management

Sludge treatment accounts for up to 50% of a wastewater treatment plant’s operating costs. But as costs, cities and regulations are increasing, disposal options are decreasing. We can help. Get free trial.

Fix common sludge treatment problems

Stricter regulations are forcing wastewater plants to meet even higher standards of treatment. With BioSec®, you can improve dewatering performance easily and efficiently.


Reduce your operating costs for disposal, energy and polymers.


Improve your dewatering performance and increase sludge cake dryness.


Use fewer chemicals and less energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Denmark’s largest treatment company uses BioSec®

A 15-20% reduction in polymers and 1.5-2.0 %-point boost in cake dryness were just some of the benefits when BIOFOS ran three independent trials with BioSec® at normal operational conditions.

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Watch BioSec® boost flocculation

As you can see in this demo, BioSec® improves flocculation and increases cake dryness after dewatering. Novozymes enzymes target the colloid materials in the sludge and degrade them. This makes dewatering more efficient.

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How much will you save?

Every plant is unique when it comes to sludge management. That’s why we’ve developed a BioSec® value calculator. Use it to explore how you can benefit on cost, performance and sustainability.

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