A suite of all-in-one solutions simplifies premium performance

Enfuze® technology is a premium feature of different Medley® multi-enzyme products. Medley® fits a wide range of consumer needs. Together, they optimize both your formulation and operations.

Enfuze® makes Medley® even better

Since 2014, Novozymes Medley® multi-enzyme solutions have been helping laundry detergent manufacturers tackle complex laundry issues. And now, a select group of Medley® products also comes with Enfuze®.

"Seven Medley® multi-enzyme products now feature Enfuze® co-granulation technology"

Choose the solution that fits your needs

The following Medley® products feature Enfuze® co-granulation technology. Each is uniquely developed for compatibility and performance.

Co-granulation for premium performance
Amylase to target starch
Cellulases for color care
Cellulases for whiteness
Lipase to target fat, oil and grease
Pectate lyase to target pectin
Protease to target protein
Mannanase to target gum
Multi-enzyme synergy
Designed for tough storage conditions
Designed for tough conditions

Multi-enzyme products deliver the highest performance on tough, everyday stains — plus fabric care.

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Good for you, good for the planet! With Enfuze® you can . . .

Reduce plastic

The average detergent producer will cut HDPE plastic use/disposal equal to 33,500 (2 l) bottles of laundry detergent each year.

(Based on 200MT/yr enzyme purchase)

Reduce transportation

Every year, the average detergent producer will transport six fewer containers.

(Based on 200MT/yr enzyme purchase)

Reduce CO2 emissions

The average detergent producer’s overall reduction in CO2 emissions will correspond to taking 50 cars off the road annually.

(Based on 200MT/yr enzyme purchase)