Pectate Lyase, Liquid

XPect® 1000 L

XPect® 1000 L delivers effective removal of fruit and vegetable stains, and helps remove stains from jams, yoghurt drinks and other products containing pectin. XPect® 1000 L offers high performance, even in cold washes, and is stable even in the presence of strong chelators.

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About XPect® 1000 L

Pectate lyases target the stubborn brown stains left behind by the pectin used to give jams their jelly-like consistency and to thicken fruit-dairy drinks. Pectin is also found naturally in the cell walls of fruit and vegetables. Pectate lyases attack stains containing pectin by cutting pectin molecules into tiny pieces that can be removed with the wash water. That makes pectate lyases a must for laundry detergent brands aiming to keep pace with the global trend for diets that are high in fruit and vegetables. XPect® 1000 L is a pectate lyase that delivers high performance on pectin stains, even in cold washes.

  • Strong chelators compatibility

    Stable in presence of strong chelators

    Most laundry detergents contain chelators to soften water and help with stain removal. Unfortunately, strong chelators can also remove the calcium ions that are crucial to an enzyme’s structural stability. This product has been developed for compatibility with strong chelators.

  • Suited for cold wash

    Performs well in cold washes

    In many parts of the world, washing in cold water is standard. In the US and Europe, where doing laundry is one of the most energy-intensive household chores, environmentally-conscious consumers are choosing cold washes to save energy and to make their clothes last longer. That’s why we developed this product to give consumers high performance even at low temperatures.

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High compatibility with other enzymes
Boron free stabilizer
Tough temperature conditions
Suited for cold wash
Strong chelators compatibility
Stable in water rich formulations
High pH formulations
Stability for multi-enzyme detergents
Built-in boron-free stabilizer
Designed for tough conditions
Performs well in cold washes
Stable in presence of strong chelators
Stable in water-rich formulations
Stable in high pH formulations