Protease, Liquid

Progress® Uno 101 L

Progress Uno 101 L is a tough protease for tough conditions, with enhanced stability in detergents with high pH, high water content or strong chelators.

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About Progress Uno 101 L

Proteases target protein. Many everyday stains contain protein, including sweat, blood, dairy products and milky drinks like tea and coffee. Proteases break down the protein in these stains, making them easier to lift away from the fabric. That’s why proteases are crucial to the performance consumers demand from their laundry detergent.

An enzyme’s performance depends on its stability. If a detergent enzyme loses its stability, it becomes less effective, which impacts on overall detergent performance. Progress Uno 101 L is a highly stable liquid laundry protease, especially developed for tough conditions.

  • High pH formulations

    Stable in high pH formulations

    Most enzymes hold their stability best within a certain pH range. If the pH values of a detergent formulation are high, enzymes in the formulation can become less effective over time. That’s why we developed this product to be very stable even when exposed to high pH values. The result is consistently high performance on protein stain removal.

  • Stable in water rich formulations

    Stable in water-rich formulations

    Some liquid detergents contain a lot of water and this can reduce the stability of certain enzymes. As enzymes lose their stability, they become less effective. This product has been developed for stability and consistent performance in detergents with high water content.

  • Strong chelators compatibility

    Stable in presence of strong chelators

    Most laundry detergents contain chelators to soften water and help with stain removal. Unfortunately, strong chelators can also remove the calcium ions that are crucial to an enzyme’s structural stability. This product has been developed for compatibility with strong chelators.

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High compatibility with other enzymes
Boron free stabilizer
Tough temperature conditions
Suited for cold wash
Strong chelators compatibility
Stable in water rich formulations
High pH formulations
Stability for multi-enzyme detergents
Built-in boron-free stabilizer
Designed for tough conditions
Performs well in cold washes
Stable in presence of strong chelators
Stable in water-rich formulations
Stable in high pH formulations