Multi-enzyme blend, Liquid

Medley® Glow 200 L

Medley® Glow 200 L delivers fabric and color care.

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About Medley® Glow 200 L

The colors on cotton fabrics can become dull over time, and whites can turn gray. Medley® Glow 200 L contains cellulases to help keep cottons brighter and whiter.

  • Cellulases for whiteness

    Over time, white clothes can become gray. The cause is the tiny fibers that come loose from cotton threads over time. These fibers trap dirt particles. Cellulases target and ‘cut’ these fibers. That releases the trapped dirt particles to keep whites whiter.

  • Cellulases for color care

    The same tiny loose fibers that cause graying in white cottons can make colored cotton fabrics look duller over time. The fibers themselves, as well as the dirt they trap, cover up the brightness of the colors. By targeting and ‘cutting’ these fibers, cellulases help to keep colors alive.

  • Multi-enzyme synergy

    Most everyday stains are multi-layered, with each element in the stain forming a layer. That means an enzyme’s access to its target element can be ‘blocked’. By clearing paths through the stain’s layers for one another, the enzymes in this product boost one another’s impact. The result is high performance on a wide range of everyday stains, along with color care and whiteness benefits.

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