Multi-enzyme blend, Liquid

Medley® Bright 200 L

Medley® Bright 200 L delivers basic cleaning and whiteness for tough conditions.

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About Medley® Bright 200 L

Proteins are found in many everyday stains. Medley® Bright 200 L targets protein with a best-in-class protease enzyme. It also contains cellulases to help prevent whites turning gray over time. The result is cleaner, whiter laundry. Medley® Bright 200 L is designed for stability across a range of tough storage conditions, including high temperatures, water-rich formulations and strong chelators.

  • Designed for tough storage conditions

    Exposure to water-rich formulations, high temperatures and strong chelators can all impact enzyme stability over time. This product is designed to remain stable, even when exposed to these tough conditions over longer periods of time, as in storage.

  • Protease to target protein

    Protein is found in sweat, blood, grass, chocolate, dairy products and milky drinks like tea, coffee and chai. Protease breaks down the protein in these stains, making it easier for the detergent to lift it from the fabric.

  • Cellulases for whiteness

    Over time, white clothes can become gray. The cause is the tiny fibers that come loose from cotton threads over time. These fibers trap dirt particles. Cellulases target and ‘cut’ these fibers. That releases the trapped dirt particles to keep whites whiter.

  • Multi-enzyme synergy

    Most everyday stains are multi-layered, with each element in the stain forming a layer. That means an enzyme’s access to its target element can be ‘blocked’. By clearing paths through the stain’s layers for one another, the enzymes in this product boost one another’s impact. The result is high performance on a wide range of everyday stains, along with color care and whiteness benefits.

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