Licheninase, Liquid

Lift® Intent 100 L

Lift® Intent 100 L for automatic dishwash delivers effective removal of soils from oats and other high-fiber cereals, as well as cereal-based non-dairy alternatives, even in shorter and cooler cycles.

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About Lift® Intent 100 L

Licheninase enzymes target the soils left behind by high-fiber cereals. They break down the sticky carbohydrate known as beta-glucan that makes these stains so stubborn. The global trend for more high-fiber cereals in diets means Licheninase are essential for delivering the automatic dishwasher detergent performance consumers demand. 

Lift® Intent 100 L effectively removes residues from oatmeal and other high-fiber cereal dishes, as well as cereal-based non-dairy alternatives. It's also tough enough to withstand high pH levels and strong chelators.

  • Designed for tough conditions

    Gels are highly concentrated formulations, which means they can present a challenge when formulating with enzymes. High pH levels and strong chelators can impact an enzyme's stability. This product has been developed for high stability, even in tough conditions.

  • Performs well at eco-mode settings

    As consumers become more environmentally conscious, many are choosing eco-mode dishwasher programs. This product boosts the soil-removal power of your formulation for high performance at these settings, even on highly soiled loads.

  • Performs well in shorter and cooler cycles

    Whether called fast, express, quick or rapid, short cycles are becoming a standard feature on automatic dishwashers. This fast-acting product has been developed for suitability to these cycles. That helps your detergents to give time-pressed consumers the speed and convenience they demand. It is also suited to the cooler cycles - below 45°C - that are becoming more popular with consumers.