Enzymes – no compromise on development cost

Surfactants are a significant cost factor in detergent formulation and they’re subject to rising prices and price volatility. Enzymes in your formulation can reduce your exposure to both.

Profits fall as surfactant prices rise

FMCG companies are feeling the pressure of rising commodity prices and the detergent sector is especially impacted.

"Surfactant costs can account for up to 50% of all raw material costs in detergent formulations"

Surfactant costs can account for up to 50% of all raw material costs in detergent formulations. Given that raw material costs can be up to 60% of all manufacturing costs, rising surfactant costs create a real squeeze on profit margins.

High volatility in surfactant prices

Between 2007 and 2019, surfactant prices have fluctuated widely. The main reason is that surfactants and their ingredients are vulnerable to supply shortages. In just the last three years, low water levels in the Rhine and Hurricane Harvey in the US both had a severe impact on global supplies of surfactants. The results were price spikes of up to 20%.


Surfactants and enzymes in detergents

Surface-active agents (surfactants), are important to detergent performance because they reduce the surface tension of the water. That allows the detergent to combine with the water so it can get to the stain and break it down.

Enzymes are organic catalysts that are gentler on the environment than many surfactants. They work in detergents to break down stains into smaller particles, so the detergent can remove them more easily.

Enzymes cut detergent formulation costs

Partially replacing surfactants with enzymes in your formulation allows you to cut your raw material costs, while reducing the impact of surfactant price spikes on your profitability.

"Formulation savings of up to 8% with multi-enzyme blends"

We conducted an analysis of the effect of adding a multi-enzyme blend to a detergent with reduced surfactant concentration, and found that under our specific testing conditions, savings of up to 8% were possible.

In the same analysis, we tested the impact on performance of partially replacing surfactants with enzymes in this way and found that there was no compromise on performance on most stains.

Cut costs further with multi-enzyme blends

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