Protease, Liquid

Blaze® Evity® 16 L

Blaze® Evity® 16 L for automatic dishwash delivers superior protein soil removal, even in shorter and cooler cycles.

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 About Blaze® Evity® 16 L

Proteases target protein. Many stubborn food soils contain protein, including egg yolk, minced meat and milk. Proteases break down the protein in these stains, making them easier to lift away from tableware and cookware. That’s why proteases are crucial to the performance consumers demand from their automatic dishwasher detergent. 

Blaze® Evity® 16 L is designed to deliver superior protein soil removal, even at eco-mode settings and in shorter and cooler cycles. It’s also tough enough to withstand exposure to high pH levels and strong chelators.

  • Designed for tough conditions

    Gels are highly concentrated formulations, which means they can present a challenge when formulating with enzymes. High pH levels and strong chelators can impact an enzyme's stability. This product has been developed for high stability, even in tough conditions.

  • Performs well at eco-mode settings

    As consumers become more environmentally conscious, many are choosing eco-mode dishwasher programs. This product boosts the soil-removal power of your formulation for high performance at these settings, even on highly soiled loads.

  • Performs well in shorter and cooler cycles

    Whether called fast, express, quick or rapid, short cycles are becoming a standard feature on automatic dishwashers. This fast-acting product has been developed for suitability to these cycles. That helps your detergents to give time-pressed consumers the speed and convenience they demand. It is also suited to the cooler cycles - below 45°C - that are becoming more popular with consumers.

  • Built-in boron-free stabilizer 

    Boron is a mineral traditionally added to liquid formulations to secure enzyme stability. Exposure to higher levels may pose a health risk and many regulatory authorities set legal limits to boron levels in workplace air. Evity® technology ensures stability without boron in liquid formulations, allowing you to observe these limits and create a safer workplace.

  • Stability for multi-enzyme formulations

    Enzymes are proteins and proteases break down proteins in a reaction that needs water. That means that in storage, proteases in hand dishwash formulations can break down amylases that have also been added to the formulation. The result is reduced performance. We developed this product with Evity® protease inhibitor technology to prevent this breakdown, so all the enzymes in your detergents can perform fully in the wash.