Simplify premium performance

Making powder detergent is complex. Novozymes Enfuze® is the simplest way to make your supply chain more cost-effective. And deliver the premium product consumers want.

Enfuze your business with efficiency

Novozymes Enfuze® is a co-granulation technology that helps powder detergent producers simplify life. While making customer satisfaction simple too. 

Enfuze® is the cost-effective way to achieve premium performance – in the washing machine and in your business. In fact, you can cut key aspects of your supply chain by at least 50%.  

The 3 ingredients to your success

  1. Premium Enfuze® technology
  2. A simpler, smoother supply chain
  3. A suite of all-in-one enzyme solutions
See the benefits

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Good for you, good for the planet! With Enfuze® you can . . .

Reduce plastic

The average detergent producer will cut HDPE plastic use/disposal equal to 33,500 (2 l) bottles of laundry detergent each year.

(Based on 200MT/yr enzyme purchase)

Reduce transportation

Every year, the average detergent producer will transport six fewer containers.

(Based on 200MT/yr enzyme purchase)

Reduce CO2 emissions

The average detergent producer’s overall reduction in CO2 emissions will correspond to taking 50 cars off the road annually.

(Based on 200MT/yr enzyme purchase)