Reimagine ethanol

Reimagine ethanol

Introducing the Novozymes Fiberex® platform, groundbreaking biotechnology to create cellulosic ethanol, more corn oil, and diversified, higher-value co-products 

Pioneering biology to extract more value from corn

Pioneering biology to extract more value from corn

Novozymes Fiberex is a comprehensive platform to drive enzyme and yeast innovation for extracting significant value from corn fiber.  

Fiberex is built on pioneering biology and strong collaborations designed to help you unlock new markets and profitability by turning low-value corn fiber into valuable cellulosic ethanol, increasing corn oil production and enabling higher value co-products.

Unlock the benefits of Fiberex

Diversify your business

into low-carbon markets

Extract more corn oil

expanding a major revenue stream

Achieve savings

through reduced energy demand and water usage

Pave the way

for higher co-product quality and value

A holistic approach for greater
diversification and flexibility

The Fiberex platform consists of biological solutions that work in various stages of the ethanol production process.

This gives you multiple levers to pull according to market conditions and your plant’s specific requirements!

Get the most out of fiber.
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Expert webinar

Expert webinar

Join one of Novozymes' leading fiber specialists to discover untapped benefits of enhanced fiber conversion. 


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